I have been challenged by Donna for the Love/Hate List. I do love challenges 😉 For this challenge, I have to list ten things that I love and then ten things that I hate.   Then,  nominate 10 bloggers to do the same.   I want to thank Donna for this fun challenge; and then I guess we will get started.

Easy part first (although not in any particular order, except for the first one):

Things I Love

  1. My family: starting with my hubby and working out through blood, in-laws and friends that are family too
  2. Writing: I love writing for my blogs, stretching my wings and trying new things
  3. Horses: specifically, I love my horses! They add joy to my life
  4. Dogs: again, my dogs. I don’t know how I would get along without Daisy & Bruce
  5. Animals: if it has 4 legs and a tail, I want to pet, play, cuddle with it
  6. TV: okay, I admit it, I am a tv-holic
  7. Running: definitely an addiction
  8. Yoga: my mental release
  9. Nature: water, trees, clouds; they all make me blissful and aware of what a wonderful planet we were given
  10. Showers: I do some of my best thinking in there. Plus I love just standing under that hot, hot water

and the hard part:

Things I Hate

  1. Crocs: civilization started a downward spiral the second it became acceptable to wear Crocs everywhere and anywhere, including work.
  2. Reality TV: please, make it stop…the Bachlor, the Bacholette, Married at First Sight, the Kardashians….please, please make it all stop!
  3. Mean People: everyone has bad days. But I am speaking about people who consistently get joy out of hurting others
  4. Bigots: if only people at least tried to understand why another person believed a certain thing, did a certain thing; rather than lumping them into groups and labeling them harshly.
  5. Racism: I separate this one out because bigots hate people more for what they do. Racists hate what they are. Which is incredibly stupid. How can you hate someone because they are black? Or white? Or have blue eyes? It’s genetics, and has absolutely nothing to do with who that person is.
  6. Rudeness: if I say excuse me, at least acknowledge me. Please
  7. Sleep: this is a love/hate relationship. I love to sleep, I hate that it drags me down and refuses to let me go and I waste time that could have been better spent
  8. Icy Cold: winter is fine. Snow is pretty. But when it gets below zero, I’m done
  9. Conflict: can’t we all just get along?!
  10. War: I hate that is seems unavoidable, I hate that people have to give their lives, I hate war

And the fun part:

10 other bloggers!

Casey at Adoption


Louise at Baby Gates Down

LaToya at Creative Life

CurvyLouise at CurvyLou

Prakash at ItsPH

Justin at JustinHorneker

Michael at lifeofmiblog

Sonya at Only 100 Words

Alex at Still Life with Grad Student

……and that is 10. There are so many more. These blogs are all on my reader list, so of course I think you should check them out whether or not they accept my challenge!




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6 responses to “Challenged!

  1. I’ve come around to crocs. I mean, not for formal events, but around the house – I didn’t “get it” for the longest time, but – oh – heaven. Can we still be friends?

    Thanks for the tag – I’ll give it some thought. And my niece would be very jealous to know you have horses. She is currently crazy about all things horses 🙂


    • She should be!! They are fab. Crocs are fine for gardens and beaches. But people wear them with biz suits and to work in places where they are not appropriate. That is my issue with them. So of course, still friends!!


  2. I think you are so lucky to have horses. Love horses. and I do agree about the crocs. Thanks for doing the challenge and hope you had fun doing it.


  3. Interesting challenge. Thank you for the nomination.. 🙂
    Something in common is animals. We do have lots of cats and dogs at home.. Will do this sometime soon.. 🙂


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