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Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers. And I did it on a Friday. Will wonders never cease? To read all the  other wonderful, 100 (roughly) word stories by other Fictioneers, click HERE.  As always, we are led by Rochelle and our picture this week is from Madison Woods. Thanks to both of them for making this story possibel 🙂

 100 words

George stopped, wiping his arm across his face. He grimaced,the wet sleeve didn’t help.  Sun beat down on his head, clear still sky above him. He dug in the saddlebag for the water, drinking deeply before giving some to Maizie, his horse.

Spring had come late, but summer was coming early. George looked across the plains, not a breeze stirring the tall grass. Cattle were scattered in the distance, their lowing barely audible as they looked for the best pasture.

He hefted the fencing again, that line wasn’t going to fix itself. He started forward, Maizie trailing patiently behind him.



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No Cliches Today

As a fitting end to Horse Week, my hubby and I spent the day working on my riding ring. So, frankly, I am too wiped to even think about cliches, where they came from, and why we overused them! So I will leave you with this, and see you next Sunday for our normal  Sunday Cliche posting 🙂


and perhaps:

Charby can be all or any of these on various days



and, definitely:

We had a lovely horse named Monarch. My first ride, the plan was if he didn’t stop, my mom would grab him at the second corner. Mom had to grab him.

and, lastly:


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