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Cliche Sunday

I have decided today to take another side street along Cliche Ave; a new road called Newsisms. I was watching the news this morning–I know, that was my first mistake–and once more I was astonished at the painful puns and trite clichés. I am saddened by how hard it is to get actual journalism on tv these days. Video news seems more determined to entertain and grab our attention than to deliver the news.  There are certainly good journalists out there, don’t get me wrong, but the common cable and national news machines are just that: machines churning out 24 hours of information. And they like to use word play to get our attention, but the twist of phrases is no longer new, and so anything they say seems to be cliché.

Suitcases of Patience are needed: says the reporter at the airport talking about travel home after the Thanksgiving weekend. Ouch. I am sure she thought it was a clever idea, but, um, no.

Bullet Riddled Cars: said the reporter stationed in Colorado, speaking of the horrific shooting there on Friday. Oh my. I am sure he was trying to set the scene, but I am also sure that on the list of clichés to avoid while writing “bullet riddled” anything is pretty near the top. Rather distracted from the intensity of story, which should really not need any embellishment.

Picture Perfect: was the name of piece about a photographer. The lead in was “…he is pretty near picture perfect.”  Good grief. An overused phrase to begin with. The photographer was marvelous, he could even be the next Ansel Adams. His technique was wonderful, and he had some awesome effects. But the lead in, not so glorious. However, I do encourage you to check out Daniel Jones, I really did love his vision.

“A Knockout”, and Critics are “in its Corner”: says the anchor about the new movie Creed. Really? They couldn’t come up with a less tired way of endorsing this movie? (FYI–it’s a boxing movie 😉 )

And if we could just get rid of the phrases “surging in the polls” and it has “gone viral;” I could just be one happy camper!





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Friday Fictioneers

Finally, I made to the Friday Fictioneers again! A bit late, I know, but I  have missed the prompts from our fearless leader, Rochelle. Our rainy prompt this week was taken by her as well. Check out all the other stories here.

“Only one hundred words?”


“But why?”

“Dunno, but she said if you want top of the screen, keep it short.”

Calvin looked out at the pools of light scattered among the cars.  She knew what the darkness hid, what she would find when she went down to join the hive of police, EMTs and press.  How could she describe that in one hundred words?

She knew what the editor wanted, one lurid headline and a short, pithy description. Calvin didn’t want to do it, simplifying that loss of life.

“C’mon, Vin, you only have two words left.”

“I’m coming.”






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