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Friday Fictioneer

Friday Fictioneers! One hundred words based on this wonderful picture. Thanks once more to Rochelle for leading us in our flash fiction adventures. Enjoy 🙂


She angled the camera to catch the light limning the burgundy tips, taking a step deeper into the water. Water sloshed over her boots and lily pads tangled around her legs. Andrea ignored the discomfort.

She needed the perfect submission this semester. Only the top three photos got in. Even when something grasped her ankle, Andrea continued snapping. But a tug made her pause, then alarm filled her as her leg was pulled sharply to the side.

Before she could scream, the water roiled and Jeff stood up, snorting water as he laughed.

“Oh, man….your face! That’s gonna be my pic!”




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Flash Fiction Friday

The butterfly swirled in the breeze, then landed gently on the cactus. Marlee held her breath as she pulled out her camera.  Slowly she adjusted the shutter speed, then framed in the butterfly. The delicate wings fluttered and Marlee froze. She sank down, keeping the focus on the butterfly. Swift wings beat and then the Curved-Billed Thrasher swooped away, butterfly in beak. Marlee stood, checking her frames. Shouldering the camera bag again, she walked off. Butterflies always made the best bait.

My short–and not so sweet–entry into Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s. And a thank you to TJ Paris for our photo this week.  Follow along and check out all the other stories inspired by the photo HERE.


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