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I missed last week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, and just felt so….unfinished! So I am back, joining Priceless Joy and a plethora of excellent writers using this photo prompt and 75 to 175 words to do our best to do it justice. Check out the varied stories inspired HERE.

“Duckie, Mama, duckie!”

Georgia glanced around, trying to see what had caught her daughter’s attention now. The street fair was playing havoc with their normal walk to the park. Up the road was a balloon man with animal shapes swirling above him, children surrounding him as they excitedly pointed out their favorites.

She sighed, wondering how to explain to Madeline that they couldn’t afford a balloon right now. Until now Maddy had been simply wondering at the kaleidoscope of movement that had landed on their block. Georgia and her husband had been able to keep food on the table while he was out of work, but the meager dollars he brought home doing odd jobs was not going to let them make casual purchases for Maddy like they used to. She looked down at her daughter, mentally rehearsing her speech.

“Mama, duckie,” Madeline said emphatically, tugging her mom’s hand.

Then Georgia realized that Maddy was pulling her towards the pond in the park, where a duck was urging her ducklings into the water, away from the chaos. Smiling with love at her daughter, Georgia let herself be herded into the park.




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George’s Multi-Colored Ballon

George had never seen such a balloon. So many colors. They twined around the balloon as it spun. He tugged on Father’s coat pocket.  Father looked down, a frown creasing his brow; perhaps wishing that, just once, George would speak. George pointed at the balloon.

Father pulled his worn wallet out and went over to speak to the balloon-man. He came back and took George’s hand, placing the balloon in the other. As they walked, George watched the balloon bounce at the end of the string.  Smiling, he opened his hand and watched the stripes soar off.

“Bye,” he whispered.


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