This is a list of my favorite books and authors.

There is a difference simply because not every favorite book  had an author who wrote anything else that would elevate themselves to a favorite author. I won’t put my favorite book by each favorite author, I will leave it to you to check out any author that intrigues you. But some cross-overs may appear anyway!

There is no particular order to my authors or books–I could spend days on deciding that order.

But my criteria is books that I reread, will read again, and feel sad that I ever lived without.  Some authors I have adored, but then grow out of six or seven books in. The authors I list here are ones that I will read anything they write, at any point that they write it. Some, like Shakespeare, could probably just be assumed to be on such a list (I put him on there anyway).

Authors:                                              Books:

David Eddings                                                       Watership Downs

Guy Guriel Kay                                                      V

Agatha Christie                                                     A Man Rides Through

Margaret Atwood                                        &    Mirror of Her Dreams

Nalini Singh                                                           Firestarter

Linda Howard                                                       The Plot Against

Elizabeth Peters                                                                America

Christine Feehan                                                 Eldest Series

Jane Austen                                                            The Tempest*

Gregory Maguire                                                 The Belgariad

Evelyn Waugh                                                      We

Patricia Briggs                                                     Animal Farm

Shannon Butcher                                               Perry Mason  Series*

Preston  &  Child                                               A Year in Provance

Shakespeare                                                       Trixie Belden*

George Orwell

Janet Daily

*some books I have not read since childhood. I absorbed Perry Mason during vacations at my grandparents. Trixie, Honey and Jim were some of my best friends, and I may have been the only one in 8th grade to check out Shakespeare’s Complete Works from the school library. But these books made an impression on my childish mind that I carry to this day.







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