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Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers rides again! Our photo prompt comes from Dale Rogerson this week as we all follow Rochelle on a mad romp through the fictional alleys of our minds. Make sure to check out all the other stories to see where they ended up here.

 100 words–on the nose this week!

“Hey, Vino Noble,” Nick said conversationally. “Mind if I have a glass?”

Without waiting, he snagged a glass and poured.

“Yes, my grandfather used to drink this. Came from the same part of the old country he did. Good man, my grandfather. Passed the family business down to me. Dad passed away young, guess Gramps pinned all his hopes on me.”

Sighing, Nick put down his glass. Picking up his gun, he tightened the silencer before pointing it across the table.

“It’s just business, you know,” he told the frightened  man. Nick took the bottle with him as he left.



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Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers again! Once more we pick up our pens and follow Rochelle as she gives us a photo to start and 100 words to play with. Make sure to check out all the rest of the storytellers HERE. And thanks to Roger Bultot for the photo this week.







Banion gripped the windowsill, waiting for the parade vanguard to appear. Waiting for HIM. That ignominious buffoon, that, that,

Politician,” Banion spit out.

What right had he to close the museum? Simply to make a parking lot so HE didn’t have to walk.  Saying the museum was past its time? It was art. Timeless. And Banion often let in the homeless to get warm, to gather, to be uplifted by the art.

He appeared, bald head shining as he waved. Banion gripped the smooth cherry stock, imaging tomorrow’s headlines:

Mayor silenced by Vigilante

Grinning, Bannion aimed the gun, fired.

100 words 🙂



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Friday Fictioneers

Well, folks, it’s Friday. The entire world is sighing with relief. And dozens of us rise once more to the challenge thrown out by Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers. Read all the stories, 100 words (more or less), HERE. I went with less this week, 95, which is fair since I so often go over. Thanks so much to  Dale Robinson for the unique photo this week.

 The Egg

“It be an egg!”


“An EGG!”

“Nowat,” George said.

“Yeah!” Harold insisted. “Wait til you see.”

“Neh,” Gearge said again. “They wouldna build an egg.”

“Mebbe they didn’t build it,” Harold said meaningfully, waggling his eyebrows. He leaned forward, conspiratorial. “Mebbe it come from,” he jerked his head up, “there, you know.”

“Hmmph,” was the derisive answer, with a stream of tobacco juice.

“Ya never know,” Harold folded his arms and sat back. Both men chewed reflectively.

“Ya know,” George said finally, “I alwees said me daughter in law was from outer space.”





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Friday Fictioneers

Friday is such a wonderful day of the week 🙂 Not only because we get another edition of Friday Fictioneers!  But once more we have all followed Rochelle and her photo prompt into adventure. The idea is 100 words based on the photo below –our thanks to Roger Bultot this week. Some of us may have done a little over (raising my hand over here) by all the stories are unique. Make sure to check them out HERE!

                                                                                                                         Black Widow Webs

 114 words


“What is it?”

Cherri  tried to trace the intricate lines binding the lights together. Her eyes burned, she wished her hands were free to rub them.

“The Web of Stars,” Appyl replied happily. “Pyar over in Metal helped with the design, and Mac in Electrical helped with the lights. I came up with the  spell.”

“You’re going to get an A,” Cherri acknowledged. “Ms. Plum will be ecstatic.”

“I know,” Apply said smugly. “And I left you to the last. I knew you’d appreciate the design. That dark spot, in the center? That’s for you. Your soul will shine the brightest.”

Cherri looked at her roommate helplessly as she approached with the ceremonial knife.





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Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers rides again! Ok, they ride every Friday, but I have finally joined them once more 🙂 As always, a huge thanks goes to Rochelle for leading us and finding the prompts, as well to Sandra Cook this week for the photo. You can read both of their stories–and many other fabulous stories–HERE

 101 words

Margie sighed, pushing away from the machine, rubbing her back.  Satin spilled over the table, a wave reaching the floor. Margie gathered the fabric carefully, carrying it over to the mannequin. Arranging the dress, she went back to the table and picked up the box of beads. She got halfway to the dress before remembering to go back for her glasses.

Two hours later, her knees  hurt, her eyes twitching from the fine work of beading the bodice. She sat in the chair, resting, as feet bounded up the stairs.

“Oh, Grandma,” Susie breathed,”I’m going to be the prettiest bride ever!”


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Friday Fictioneers….

…on a Tuesday? I realized I start the week strong, then get tired (from work and life) towards the end of the week and I miss my Friday Flash Fiction!! So I am starting early this week. Once again we are led by Rochelle into 100 (more or less) words based on this great picture.  And thanks to Roger Bultot, who provided our inspiration this week. Make sure to read all the other stories HERE.


“Ah, man, can you believe it?” Harvey asked.

“What?” Gerard asked, craning his neck.

“The people in 2b. They are using that ridiculous cleaner they see in the ads.”

“Bahhaa,” Gerard laughed. “think we should have a go at the windows?”

“Hmmmm,” Harvey shuffled his feathers, adjusting to the swing of the wire.

“Or we could all go, do a kinda Birds thing,” Linda threw in.

“Nah,” Harvey said,  “too much. Ger, you do a fly by. Just tip the glass.”

“HEY!” Nance yelled. “4F is putting out a new feeder on their porch!”

Everyone swung their attention to 4F.




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Time for Friday Fictioneers again, the  flash fiction party led by Rochelle. Our goal is to write short snippets of wonderful fiction based on a single image. To see how we did, check out all the other fabulous stories HERE. I never read any of the other stories before writing mine, so that I am not influenced. And yet this week I read Claire’s, and her idea of laundry did, as I feared, stick in my mind! But perhaps I would have thought of it anyway?

    102 words
(Mary Shipman)

Addy walked into the cool dark of the store, the  dinghy antiques reminding her of her grandmother. She had listened to so many old stories. Times when…yadda, yadda, yadda. Addy’s friends were exclaiming excitedly by the books.

She drifted towards the clothing. At least that was cool again now. Again she was reminded of her grandmother; the stories of hanging laundry, or getting ready for a party, the young beaus,  ringing in her ears. A petticoat caught her eye, the rumpled lace creamy and soft. She shook it out,  looking for a size. Inside was a name of the original owner: Adeline Bower.


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Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers. And I did it on a Friday. Will wonders never cease? To read all the  other wonderful, 100 (roughly) word stories by other Fictioneers, click HERE.  As always, we are led by Rochelle and our picture this week is from Madison Woods. Thanks to both of them for making this story possibel 🙂

 100 words

George stopped, wiping his arm across his face. He grimaced,the wet sleeve didn’t help.  Sun beat down on his head, clear still sky above him. He dug in the saddlebag for the water, drinking deeply before giving some to Maizie, his horse.

Spring had come late, but summer was coming early. George looked across the plains, not a breeze stirring the tall grass. Cattle were scattered in the distance, their lowing barely audible as they looked for the best pasture.

He hefted the fencing again, that line wasn’t going to fix itself. He started forward, Maizie trailing patiently behind him.


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Friday Fictioneers

Friday! Best day of the week, not only for the last day of work (for most of us!) but also for Friday Fictioneers. Once more we all gather to see what prompt is presented by our leader, the lovely Rochelle, and what it inspires us to write. Check out all the other stories HERE. And thank Rochelle herself for the photo credit today!

 100 words even this week 🙂

Julia sat, smiling, as the bay streamed by. A colorful parade of sailboats danced upon it, sailors laughing and shouting.

Spring!Finally! she thought, dabbling her toes in the still frigid water.

The rock she sat on was damp, but Julia didn’t care. After spending the winter inside, watching vicious snow storms blot out the sun and cruel winds whipping trees, Julia would have stood in the bay itself to have the bright sunshine on her. She inhaled deeply, looking for the slight, green sprouts scenting the air.

Da would have to be mowing the grass soon enough, she thought giddily.




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Friday Fictioneer

Friday Fictioneers! One hundred words based on this wonderful picture. Thanks once more to Rochelle for leading us in our flash fiction adventures. Enjoy 🙂


She angled the camera to catch the light limning the burgundy tips, taking a step deeper into the water. Water sloshed over her boots and lily pads tangled around her legs. Andrea ignored the discomfort.

She needed the perfect submission this semester. Only the top three photos got in. Even when something grasped her ankle, Andrea continued snapping. But a tug made her pause, then alarm filled her as her leg was pulled sharply to the side.

Before she could scream, the water roiled and Jeff stood up, snorting water as he laughed.

“Oh, man….your face! That’s gonna be my pic!”




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