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Sparkle bright

I am joining in the fun led by Miss Sonya: three line tales. She gives the pic and we decide exactly what our three lines consist of. Read the other tales by searching the tag “three line tales.” If you want to join in, check out the directions HERE.

three line tales week 85: sparkler and sunglasses

The light flared, cascading gold and silver sparkles over his hands. He thrust his hand up, waving the wand wildly, attempting to write his name in light before the end.

Then, movement below caught his eye.  Hard shiny carapaces glinted back at him in the glittering light. The final spark fell.

His eyes, blind from the bright sparks,  strained to pierce the utter blackness as he heard the clicking of hundreds of feet on the cement.


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three line tales

Once more I’m following Sonya’s lead into the three line universe. Check out the directions HERE if you want to play with us. And find the rest of the tales on WordPress, using the tag “three line tales.”

Carla smiled indulgently as she heard the baby coo at the birds out the window.

The sky outside the plane window stretched endlessly, speckled with birds wheeling, a perfect  pale blue limning the wing edge.

Carla glanced out again to see what the baby was giggling at, sucking her breath in horror as she saw  tendrils reaching and wrapping themselves around the plane wing.

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three line tales

I am stretching my wings by shortening my stories even more 🙂 This challenge comes from the lovely  Sonya over at Only 100 Words.  If the photo moves you, feel free to join in– directions here: TLT Guidelines. If you want to read more takes on the photo, look for Three Line Tales on WordPress.

photo by Jake Oates via Unsplash

  Before the Morning

The fence groaned into the wind, the sound filling George’s head, swirling and swirling until he lost direction.

He clutched the links, following blindly hand over hand, stomach rising.

Why, why  had he let Craig convince him to go drinking tonight??

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