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It’s the anniversary of my blog!

Not on WordPress, as I started on another platform for six months before discovering WordPress. But I started this journey on my 45th birthday. I actually started with my fitness blog, it wasn’t until I got to WordPress that I decided to split into two. And now, two years later, how do I feel?

Well, I feel that I don’t blog enough! The writing often gets pushed to the back of my life, when I meant it to be a priority. I freely admit that sometimes at the end of a long day, it is simply easier to stare blankly at the tv until bed time than it is to make my fingers move across the keyboard. And I have been reading a LOT recently. Which is good in theory, but I will push EVERYTHING in my life to the back burner in order to read just one more page…..and one more…..then, well, can’t I just finish it??

So now, on my 47th birthday, I am reaffirming my desire to make writing a priority.

I truly doubt life will get easier, but I will try to prevent the writing to being pushed around. Not that I will stop watching tv, of course, but I can type while watching–doesn’t that drive my husband nuts, that I can hold a conversation and still be typing!  I am slightly dyslexic and slightly ADD, but there are some upsides: I can multitask like nobody’s business! Focusing on simply one thing, now, that is the hard part. IE: I am drifting off course. Back to the goal of my blog being a priority, I will work on making that goal a priority!




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