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Walking Miss Daisy, II

Daisy and I went for a leisurely walk last Saturday.  The sky was such a clear, pure blue, with just a few fluffy clouds floating. Fall is coming early to our area, and it is quite beautiful. I put the pictures from our last walk on my other blog, Runnerwithablog, but I thought I would share these here.

 Shadow selfie–the best kind of picture of me! Daisy, of course, is always photogenic….if not happy to be still.


 Architectural Antiques are scattered through my neighborhood. And, indeed, the state.

Fall colors are coming slowly to our local bogs, lemony grasses and seed pods abound

  I have always loved these trees high up on cliff cut away in our local gravel pit. They stand so stark and proud.

 The light at the end of the hill!


My imagination runs wild in the woods, bringing up dreams of Narnia or Tolkien.


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It’s the anniversary of my blog!

Not on WordPress, as I started on another platform for six months before discovering WordPress. But I started this journey on my 45th birthday. I actually started with my fitness blog, it wasn’t until I got to WordPress that I decided to split into two. And now, two years later, how do I feel?

Well, I feel that I don’t blog enough! The writing often gets pushed to the back of my life, when I meant it to be a priority. I freely admit that sometimes at the end of a long day, it is simply easier to stare blankly at the tv until bed time than it is to make my fingers move across the keyboard. And I have been reading a LOT recently. Which is good in theory, but I will push EVERYTHING in my life to the back burner in order to read just one more page…..and one more…..then, well, can’t I just finish it??

So now, on my 47th birthday, I am reaffirming my desire to make writing a priority.

I truly doubt life will get easier, but I will try to prevent the writing to being pushed around. Not that I will stop watching tv, of course, but I can type while watching–doesn’t that drive my husband nuts, that I can hold a conversation and still be typing!  I am slightly dyslexic and slightly ADD, but there are some upsides: I can multitask like nobody’s business! Focusing on simply one thing, now, that is the hard part. IE: I am drifting off course. Back to the goal of my blog being a priority, I will work on making that goal a priority!



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I seem to be taking a fiction vacation. But I will return!! Just enjoying all the summer weather and I don’t feel much like opening my computer….and when I do, my attention seems focused on my other blog about fitness. But the stories will build and spill out of me soon enough 🙂

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Halloween Thoughts

Last fall I read Dracula for the first time.  I have never been much of a horror fan, although I do like a supernatural thriller. And, of course, reading a classic is much different from watching a slasher flick.  Dracula,a in book form, wandered off the path of the movies I had seen, but the general scenes were the same.

This year I chose Frankenstein. I don’t think I have ever watched a Frankenstein movie, except for Young Frankenstein–who doesn’t love Gene Wilder? But when I think of Frankenstein, I have images (from tv, movies and cartoon references) of a dank, dark castle, a madman shouting “it’s alive!!” while Igor cackles obscenely and a mob with pitchforks march on the castle from the local village.

In book form, this is not even close to the movies. Frankenstein’s monster was created in a boarding house, and he had no help or shouting mobs.  There was no lightning bolts or mad screams.

In the book, I have a lot more sympathy with the monster than with Frankenstein himself. I won’t tell you why, because I think everyone should read it for themselves 🙂

I would suggest, perhaps, a dictionary. Mary Shelley is definitely a product of her era, both verbose and descriptive. Her characters have a strong enjoyment in nature, which was a surprise and an enjoyment as I read. I definitely would suggest adding this classic to your reading list, as it is atmospheric but not gory or sensational.

Now the question is, what classic horror shall I read next fall?

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My Election Promise to You

I live in America, and right now you can’t turn on the tv, drive down the street, or walk by a crowd without hearing about the election. Not just the Presidential, but all the local ones too. Sign after sign line the roadway on the way home. Ads run on tv and the radio. I went on Facebook the other day and there were ads on there too! I don’t mind reading my friend’s opinions, but, really, ads?

I do, of course, have strong opinions on the Presidential race, and some of the smaller ones, and the bond questions. It would be easy to climb up on my soapbox and use my blog as a place to express them. But instead of forcing my opinions out into the world, to get lost among the millions of other opinions on the web, I promise to keep this a Politically Free Zone. Although I can’t promise what I might or might not say on November 9th……


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Holy MushroomLand!!

                                                                        I can just see Absalom kicking back on one

                                                               perhaps I should have been looking for the Cat?





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Desperately Playing Scrabble

I must admit, I have never been good at Scrabble. One might think I would be, as much as I love words.  Maybe it’s because my family never played Scrabble? I have many wonderful memories of playing Canasta with my grandmother, but none of playing Scrabble. And, of course, my cousins and I endlessly played Monopoly.

I don’t do Words with Friends either. But I am addicted to Wordy (I often play it when I should be writing my blog). We found this particular game when I worked at a bank in a slow, little town; and we spent the winter wondering if anyone would come in that day. It’s rather like Tetris with letters, and I can play myself over and over.

But still I need help to figure how to win–or even get points–in Scrabble. Maybe I could join a Scrabble support group?

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More thoughts–

–on the Bard. And his words.

I love words. I  took Latin high school simply because French and Spanish didn’t appeal at all.  I  truly enjoyed it when I realized how many words had their origin in the language. It was fascinating to see how they were transmuted through other languages and time.

While I will butcher the pronunciation of many words, I do tend to know a lot of them to butcher.  My knowledge comes from books, so I didn’t hear them. And,apparently, I missed the day in school when they showed what all those little pronunciation  symbols mean.   I learned a lot of meanings  from inferring the definition from the text, and others I asked. Just be a twelve-year-old girl and ask your dad what “phallic” means.

What was I reading at twelve that used that word, you ask? Well, I read a lot of things I wasn’t supposed to. My mom told me when I was ten that I could read Jaws when I was sixteen when I expressed interest in it.Or, more accurately, that I couldn’t read it until I was sixteen.  Of course, I promptly read it two weeks later. It was my parents fault.

I failed second grade due to my reading ability. They spent that summer force feeding me books and instilled a life long passion in me. I read quickly and, often, books no one expected me to be reading.

I do believe that I was the only 8th grader to take Shakespeare’s Complete Works out of the school library.

I may not have understood all the plays, his language being a bit complicated for me. But I did like them. Especially a Midsummer’s Night Dream. Fairies, mischievous sprites and romance–what was there not to love?  I am a much bigger fan of his comedies than his tragedies. But that probably has more to do with my personality than his writing.

I think I most enjoyed the words he used. As a teenager I frequently used words that were a bit old for me–or, at least, the century I was in.  The history of words is fascinating; as is the way that some catch our attention and live forever while some fade quickly. For all the difficulty people have deciphering Shakespeare, it is astonishing the amount of phrases we still use.

                                                                                                                                   Who hasn’t used this one??


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My Reality vs Theirs

I’m going to come right out and say it: I am a snob. Nothing will set me off about the decline of civilization faster than reality tv (except maybe Crocs. I mean, they are NOT work appropriate, people). But I mean trashy reality shows, of course. Not the ones I watch.

I stand by this snobbishness, however. I watch Mythbusters, Ice Road Truckers, North Woods Law,  and Treehouse Masters (you haven’t seen Treehouse Masters?? Oh, you have to check  it out! Animal Planet 🙂 ). Why do I think these are better than  Married at First Sight, The Bachelor/Bachelorette or Real Housewives…of anywhere?

Because  in My reality people work together to build things. There are, of course, occasional personality clashes, but they don’t dwell on them and expand them to make the show more interesting. But in Their reality, bad behavior is rewarded. The more screams, fights, pushing, drinking (yes, Party Down South, I am looking at you), and tears there are, the better the ratings. And it is called reality! Why on earth would the people watching the shows not believe that is the proper way to act?

I think in fact people do feel that acting like the people on tv is ok.  I think such insidious emotions such as hate, anger, jealousy; portrayed by what we consider actual people versus actors we know are playing a part, encourage us  to think that such emotions are valid to act upon.  Not that I think that people should ignore such feelings if they are indeed being walked upon.  But these people have no such excuse, they are simply behaving badly to get us to watch them.

Some reality TV, particularly on the networks, doesn’t really matter one way or the other in this argument –except that I find it boring. Who cares if someone who had a tv show ten years ago can outdance another person we haven’t seen in eight years?? Sadly I am also bored by American Idol and The Voice. But I don’t think they are contributing to the downfall of civilization, just the downfall of Primetime TV.

I am not sure where the entertainment value of these shows come in. Perhaps it is the soap opera-ness of it.  Perhaps some people just watch to see how stupid the others act. But I don’t think it is a good thing to continuously expose oneself to such behavior. Sooner or later One will start to feel that it is ok to treat other people as they do on tv. And then we are all in trouble.   So yes, I like My reality better.

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As Promised:

a Two minute Free Write on Why I think I want to write…

ok, so what did i get myself into? I don’t know that 2 minutes is long enough. I write cuz I keep having these ideas; not sure that they are GOOD ideas, but I want to get them out there anyway. Do I want to be famous? Not really, I don’t like the attendant noise that comes with it. Would like to write but have no one know who I am, is that possible these days?  huh. Those ideas always seem to flow except for now that I am trying to explain myself. argh. I do love the flow and play of words, it makes me so happy when it turns out just “write” and I get so frustrated when it…..ALARM!!

Whew. Sadly, no one took me up on my challenge. Maybe I should challenge a few others? And, it is as I wrote it except for the punctuation and capitalization. I really don’t capitalize unless forced to!

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