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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

I made it!!  Once more I joined Priceless Joy’s group of aspiring writers. We are given 100-150 words and a photo prompt, our imagination does the rest. Check out the other stories inspired by the photo:    Thanks this week to TJ Paris for the cool picture. Makes one want to jump right in!

She lay on the beach, torpid, as the sun stared down at her.  Crystal water stretched far into the horizon. She dug her feet into the sand, seeking the cooler sand deep under the surface, closing her eyes against light bouncing off the gleaming sand.  Crashing crystalline waves lulled her, and she slept.

“Samantha! Samantha!” the shouting continued, the irritation in the voice indicating it had been going on for some time. “Wake up!”

She opened her eyes groggily, seeing only a shadow standing over her.

“Wake up,” the voice insisted. “Vacation is over. Time to get back to work.”

“Waaa? But, sleep!”

“No!” the voice said emphatically, ” you need to get back to work. Your blog is lonely! Get on it!”

She sighed deeply before getting up and folding her towel, knowing the voice was her subconsciousness–and it wasn’t going away.

143 words



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Tis Friday, and again we follow Priceless Joy’s lead with Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. She gives us the photo, and 150 (roughly) words to play with. And, as always, make sure you read all the other wonderful stories–including Joy’s–HERE


“Drugs,” Marianne said sagely. “Sure enough, it will be drugs.”

“Mmmph.” John said as he walked besides his fellow deputy. He was still in the room, remembering the sounds as she labored to breathe, horrid quick little gasps. And the paramedic’s helpless voice as she asked what to do with the brain matter on the sheet. Her face was the same, but deeply twisted in pain.

“Everyone knows her family went from ‘shine to meth. Some rival, probably,” Marianne continued. “I’m sure she deserved it.”

John thought of Daisy May,  a ray of sunshine, her amber hair floating as she toddled through town. He thought of how she loved everyone she met. She had worked hard to separate from her family “business.” When she earned enough to buy that old truck, everyone laughed. But she restored, painted and shined, then put her name on it.

“No one deserves that,” he said shortly.


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Once more we follow Priceless Joy’s lead–and, today her words:

This is my story for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. It is fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

To read all the amazing stories written for this challenge, click HERE. And thanks to Gina at Singledust for the vivid picture this week 🙂

Mattie stared wordlessly at the splendor before her.  Colors, colors were everywhere. All hues filled the store to the brim.

And the ladies sweeping through looking at the vibrant fabric, dressed in reds and golds,  hair up and faces powered.  The peacocks teacher talked about could not be so splendid.

Mattie glanced at her own simple homespun, suddenly ashamed.  Mattie huddled behind the counter so no one could see her. Her grandfather came out of the back room with the owner of the store.

She looked at her grandfather’s stern black, and all at once everything was alright again.  The store owner looked at him with respect, grateful that her grandfather brought his beautiful cloths to him.

She remembered him patiently showing her how to weave the dress she was wearing. Someday she would bring in the cloth, and receive the same respect.

She wiggled out from behind the counter, ignoring the fancy ladies. Her grandfather noticed, gesturing her to come over.

“Come, Maartje, it is time to go back to the village.”

“Yes, Yeye.”


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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! Again I am following Priceless Joy’s lead as she puts forth a prompt and gives us 150 to 175 words to tell our story. Make sure you read her story, as well as all the other wonderful interpretations of the photo, HERE. Thanks to Barb CT for the photo this week 🙂


“Papa, tell us another,” Leah requested, burying her toes in the warm sand.

“Yes, Papa, another!”

Leon glanced around at the expectant faces surrounding him. Happy, healthy grandchildren, something he hadn’t been sure he would ever have.

The sound of the waves wash over him, taking him down with them. Men crammed into small spaces, deep under the sea. Cranky as time went on and they had no news of how the war was going. Rumors crept around the dark corners of the cramped sub. Fights broke out as dirty, sweaty sailors argued over which countries had been bombed….and who survived.

Leon gazed out at the ocean, brought back to present as a small hand touched his leg. Looking down, he met Leah’s concerned eyes. He knew he’d had these spells occasionally; he had not known any of the children  noticed. Engulfing her soft hand with his large, callused  one gently, he let the memories sink back  in his bones. A bristling spine of pier posts caught his eye.

“There was a whale,” he began.




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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! Once more I get to join in the fun led by Priceless Joy 🙂 The rules generally go like this: we are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. It is fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.* I may have gone over a bit, at 210 words.  I just felt they were needed to match all those stairs. To read all the other stories inspired by Joy Pixley’s wonderful photo, click HERE.

“I’m telling you, the noise came from up there!” Sheila insisted.

Rose looked up at all the steps.  “Really?”


Rose sighed, starting up the steps.


“What, Sheila?” Rose asked patiently.

“Here–” Sheila handed her a bat “–you can’t go up there empty-handed.”

Taking the bat, Rose continued up the stairs while Sheila stood at the bottom wringing her hands.

Just what Sheila thought was up there, Rose didn’t know. Her next door neighbor always seemed a little high-strung, but the elderly lady was downright hysterical tonight. The steps went up to the widow’s walk on the roof, so it was unlikely anyone had come in or out from there.

By the time Rose got to the top, her legs were shaky and the bat was dragging up the stair treads. Sheila had called up several times, but she seemed very far away now. It was quite dark at the window, with only the moonlight beaming in to light her way. No one had ever run electricity to the walk, and Rose stumbled forward.

Pressing her forehead against the cool glass, Rose let her body relax. Sudden noise had her pulse jumping and she spun, raising the bat, only to laugh weakly.

Sheila had squirrels in her attic.

*I did steal the rules directly from Priceless Joy’s blog 🙂




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Another fabulous prompt from Priceless Joy for our aspiring writers. I managed to keep it short at 110 words this week 🙂 Be sure to check all the other unique stories HERE! And, since Priceless Joy said it best:  Thank you Yinglan for the great photo prompt this week!

“Look, Mama–stripes!”

Noreen looked at the passing vehicle, it featured a large dinosaur. Trust Jenna to pick up on the stripes.

“Do you think that dinosaur is related to zebras?” Jenna asked.

Noreen subdued a sigh. Ever since seeing a Discovery channel episode on zebras, Jenna was hooked. Everything circled back to zebras these days.

“No, sweetie, dinosaurs were around long before the zebras.”

“But, the zebras could be their grandchildren, right?”

“No, dinosaurs are like birds, they lay eggs. Zebras are like us, they have babies.”

Jenna was silent as she processed this. Noreen smiled, relieved that had answered her daughter.

“Mama? I’ve been wondering….where do babies come from?”

The smile slid off Noreen’s face.


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Friday Fictioneers….

…on a Tuesday? I realized I start the week strong, then get tired (from work and life) towards the end of the week and I miss my Friday Flash Fiction!! So I am starting early this week. Once again we are led by Rochelle into 100 (more or less) words based on this great picture.  And thanks to Roger Bultot, who provided our inspiration this week. Make sure to read all the other stories HERE.


“Ah, man, can you believe it?” Harvey asked.

“What?” Gerard asked, craning his neck.

“The people in 2b. They are using that ridiculous cleaner they see in the ads.”

“Bahhaa,” Gerard laughed. “think we should have a go at the windows?”

“Hmmmm,” Harvey shuffled his feathers, adjusting to the swing of the wire.

“Or we could all go, do a kinda Birds thing,” Linda threw in.

“Nah,” Harvey said,  “too much. Ger, you do a fly by. Just tip the glass.”

“HEY!” Nance yelled. “4F is putting out a new feeder on their porch!”

Everyone swung their attention to 4F.




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Finally! I am back writing for our Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! While I have managed the Friday Fictioneers for the last two weeks, I have been unable to swing both prompts. Having missed being part of Priceless Joy’s group, this week I started with her prompt! As always, don’t forget to read all the other marvelous stories inspired by the photo prompt! And thanks to Priceless Joy for leading our group and finding all the wonderful photos for us to write about.

“Oh, my, look at this!”

I turned to see Angie disappear under the hood. I sighed, knowing I wasn’t getting her out of there anytime soon. We always joked that she had oil running through her veins.

After the fire, she spent most of her teen years with Gramps. He didn’t understand young girls, periods or school dances, but he understood cars. And he passed that on to Angie. Along with his honesty and his “retro” set of values.

I wish I had been so lucky.

“Gramm umm diss,” came from the engine.

“What? Angie? Pull your head out of there!”

“Gramps would have loved this. The engine is in terrific shape,” Angie repeated, showing me a face with grease already smeared on it.

I looked at the rusty blue metal, the dusty windshield, the cracked tires and agreed.Gramp would’ve loved it. I turned to the owner.

“How much?”


151  words



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Once more with flash fiction with Priceless Joy and dozens of others! Make sure to check out all the stories HERE! The idea is, in PJ’s voice:  We are given a prompt photo and approximately 75-175 words with which we use to create our story. Our photo prompt this week is from The challenge is fun and addictive and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

 Our Little Fiat

The children always danced around the car on the way home. No one knew who had left it in the street. But after a few months the graffiti artists had attacked it with spray paint and creativity. Shortly thereafter a garden in baskets  was stuck on the roof of the little Fiat. No one had claimed that either, but it was well watered and lushly green.  The Fiat was now a favorite feature in the neighborhood, and many a conversation at the local watering hole wondered how someone could just walk away from a car.

Gorge always smiled to himself as he sat in the corner nursing his beer, listening to these conversations. No one had ever tried to steal the car. If they had, they would find that the engine was gone!


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Friday Fictioneers

Another Friday Fictioneer: 100 words (more or less) by dozens of writers around the world led by Rochelle. Our wonderful prompt is from Connie Gayer this week. Make sure to check out all the other stories HERE!

 Margo carefully swept the dirt aside. Everyone else had left the site, convinced that there was nothing here.  Margo knew differently, she knew something was here. She felt it. When she found it, it would be her laughing at them.

Her dainty brush hit a solid object. Margo followed the curve, expecting pottery. But it glinted white, and bigger.

Twenty minutes later she had exposed an entire rib cage. Margo stared. She had no idea what kind of animal it was. But she felt exhilaration fill her, she’d been right!

Seconds later, the claws closed around her ankle.


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