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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Well, I am very late to the party, but I made it! I looked up the photo prompt from Priceless Joy on Thursday, but apparently it had to percolate before I was happy with it. As always, the idea is to write 100-150 story based on the photo, nicely provided by Dawn M Miller this week. Check all the other (on-time) stories HERE!

Number 19. It was empty now, waiting to be bussed. Jana had arrived way early.

She focused on the cups and napkin to keep herself from running.

Was there lipstick on one of the cups? Had it been a couple that had been sitting there?Did they leave together, or had it been a final meeting? That napkin had been crumpled in anger. But why? And did they make up?

A waitress came to the table,  wiping away the previous customers while cleaning the plastic tablecloth. Jana looked around nervously, wondering who would sit there next.

Stupid Robert, installing that app on her phone and swiping left. She hadn’t even seen the picture of whoever he had set her up with. Just a date and time. Why was she even here?

She found herself tearing her own napkin to bits as she waited. Finally, a man approached #19, glancing around. He looked uncomfortable, and Jana smiled before walking over.

“Hello, Robert.”



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three line tales

Once more I’m following Sonya’s lead into the three line universe. Check out the directions HERE if you want to play with us. And find the rest of the tales on WordPress, using the tag “three line tales.”

Carla smiled indulgently as she heard the baby coo at the birds out the window.

The sky outside the plane window stretched endlessly, speckled with birds wheeling, a perfect  pale blue limning the wing edge.

Carla glanced out again to see what the baby was giggling at, sucking her breath in horror as she saw  tendrils reaching and wrapping themselves around the plane wing.

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three line tales

I am stretching my wings by shortening my stories even more 🙂 This challenge comes from the lovely  Sonya over at Only 100 Words.  If the photo moves you, feel free to join in– directions here: TLT Guidelines. If you want to read more takes on the photo, look for Three Line Tales on WordPress.

photo by Jake Oates via Unsplash

  Before the Morning

The fence groaned into the wind, the sound filling George’s head, swirling and swirling until he lost direction.

He clutched the links, following blindly hand over hand, stomach rising.

Why, why  had he let Craig convince him to go drinking tonight??

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This is actually last week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. I started it last week, but the story just didn’t come together as I wanted til now. And I am a firm believer of better late than never 🙂 Of course, I want to thank Priceless Joy for putting the prompt out there to inspire our creativity and Sunayana for providing the photo.



“What?” Krista asked.

“Angels! I saw angels last night.”

Krista sighed inwardly. Martha was always sure she had seen something.

“Angels?” she asked her oldest friend again.

“Out there on the marsh,” Martha said excitedly. “I was walking Jackie, and he started barking and growling, you know, so I was looking around and then I saw them.”

Krista looked out where Martha was gesturing. Wisps of fog rose, but she saw no angels. Stupid dog, she thought. Always excited about something.

“Look,” Martha whispered.

Krista looked again, watching, dumbfounded, as the wisps coalesced into a white mass. It looked like land, rising out of the bog, white edges swirling. Water sluiced off as it rose, and Krista saw forms, flying above. White and filmy, she knew why Martha called them angels. But they weren’t, she understood that immediately.

“Martha, we need to go,” Krista whispered urgently.

Martha looked at her in astonishment. “Why, what do you mean?”

Krista started tugging on Martha’s arm, staring at the objects dancing in the sky. Suddenly they turned,  arrowing straight at the two women huddled together.




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Finally, I made time to get on board with Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers again! I will try to do better in the following weeks. Once more we all follow Priceless Joy as she puts out a prompt with a wonderful story. Check all the other great stories from this prompt HERE. Thanks to Louise for the lovely photo this week.

 167 words


Ally raced up the hill, Chris pounding behind her. He stumbled, and Ally looked to make sure he kept to his feet. He did,  so she surged forward again,  air straining through her lungs.

Shouts followed them over the crest of the hill as they headed down towards the river.The skidoos better be there, she thought grimly, or this was all pointless.

Chris stopped, gasping as he gesticulated towards the water. Ally looked to see two little skidoo nestled against the shore. Grabbing Chris’s hand, she pulled him on. The shouts became louder as figures were outlined on the top of the hill.

Jumping on, she turned the key and held on as the little machine jumped out from under her. She swept out onto the water before realizing that Chris’s machine didn’t start.

Looking back, she saw him swarmed by the figures of their pursuers. Hesitating, she finally turned and raced across the river towards the brightly lit carnival.  Everyone at school would be so jealous.


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Flash Fiction fun again! We are given a photo, 150 or so words and are let go to let our imaginations run wild. My thanks to Priceless Joy finding a prompt each week and to Yinlang for our photo this week.  Make sure to read all the other stories the imaginations came up with HERE.

“You go,” Alicia insisted, her fairy wings dipping uncertainly, her fingers scrunching her bag.

“No, Norman should go, he’s the boy,” Caryn argued.

“My mom says girls can do anything boys can,” Norman declared with irrefutable logic.

The three of them stared at the house. There were no Halloween decorations, only a light flickering over the porch. No decorations were needed, the house dark and forbidding.

“Fine,” Alicia said, “we’ll all go together.”

They crept up the steps, huddled together. Alicia reached out to press the doorbell, then they jumped back, hands held tightly.

They heard the creak of stairs, and one by one lights appeared in the house. Finally the door opened.

A broad, motherly face looked out, wreathed in smiles.

“Oh my!” she said. “I didn’t think I would get any trick-or-treaters!”

They heard a rustle, and a bright blue bowl appeared. “Last year they all went to the mall, you know,” she continued chattily. “But I keep a bowl, just in case.”

She fished some candy out and put some in each bag before smiling and closing the door.


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Ok, so I may have gone over the 150 (=/-25) word limit on this one 🙂  I have always loved a library and this picture (thank you, TJ Paris!) is just gorgeous. And I seem stuck on the Bard right now. So I topped out at 249 words. I hope that our leader, Priceless Joy, will forgive me. I am just happy to be joining the group again! Don’t forget to check out all the other stories inspired by the picture HERE.

Sadie walked into the library, clinging to Gramps hand. She had never seen such a large room. And, oh, the books. Just like Gramps had promised.

She traced the ornate ceiling panels, marveling at the intricacy. The opulent dark shelves, the scent of paper on the air, the high ceiling….she felt like she belonged here.

Gramps loosened his hand, and gave her a tiny push.

“Go, explore. I’ll be reading the paper in the sun down at the end,” he said.

Sadie wandered around, looking at the books. Nonfiction…politics….mysteries…science fiction… the sections were endless. She poked her head in the “Children’s Room,” soaking in the bright colors before deciding it wasn’t for her. She ran her finger lightly over the titles she passed until she felt a different material.

Instead of the plastic dust jacket of so many of library’s books, this one felt richer, with a raised whorled pattern across the spine. She pulled it out, gasping a bit at the weight, and set it on a nearby table. After gazing at the designs on the  burgundy cover, Sadie flipped it open.

“I’ll give thee fairies to attend on thee,”said Titania, queen of the Fairies.

“And they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep and sing, while thou on pressed flowers sleep.”

Sadie closed the book and carried it over to Gramps.

“This one?” he asked, putting down the paper.

When she nodded, he got up to take her hand again and lead her over to the librarian.


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Or did it happen like this?

Chloe looked out at the sand, already bored.

She could be in an air conditioned hotel room with WiFi right now, instead of this hot spot. Which was ironic, she thought, since it had no service. Chloe glanced around as her mom spread the towels-that big statue up there was probably blocking service. Why did they need a massive guy holding up a bridge to nowhere? She wouldn’t even be allowed to walk  on the road, Chloe bet. What a waste.

Chloe sat on her towel, staring balefully up at the stupid statue. Her mom pulled out the tourist guide, reading intently. Chloe was sure a lecture on the specialness of the beach and that bridge was imminent.

A bird floated overhead, landing on the statue’s nose. A sudden explosion rocked the statue, sending rock shards flying. Chloe stared at the huge boulder flying at her, too shocked to move. A huge hand swooped down, lifting her safely out of the way.

“My, I’ve had to sneeze for centuries,” a deep voice rumbled.

Chloe looked into the warm brown eyes of the statue, uh, living giant holding her in his palm.

“Um, bless you?”


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Immortality…or Eternity?

I have missed so many of my Friday dates with  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, that I decided to go back through the photo prompts and pick one. This on spoke to me nicely 🙂  FFfAW is a group following Priceless Joy in writing (hopefully) entertaining bites of 150 or so words. Check out the rest of the stories that were inspired by this pic HERE.  I topped out at 117 words this week.


Ed winced internally, wishing he could shift his shoulders.

Come, find adventure, they said. Immortality is what we offer, they said. Ed grunted. Immortality. Hah.

Straddling a huge cliff, shoulders in constant twitchiness from the bridge he bore. And bridge to where? What was his purpose? Certainly not saving the world. Most of the beach goers didn’t even look up at him anymore.

They used to come just to look at him, to weave stories about him. Now  they ignored him. Of all the marvels of the world, he was a footnote. Ed’s nose itched. He wished he could have one good sneeze. Or a bird could land on his nose, that would scratch it.

Miserable, eternal and unmoving, Ed stood above the humans playing and laughing on the beach.



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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Flash Fiction once more!! I can finally join in with Priceless Joy’s group, after many absent weeks. I looked at this photo, uninspired at first. Then it HIT me. What can I say, I am a sucker for romances 🙂 See what hit the rest of the marvelous writers inspired by this photo HERE. And I may have gone a bit over the 150 word limit, but these things happen when one is inspired. A good lesson to always look again.

“It fits!” he exclaimed.

“Means nothing,” she insisted. “It’s not mine.”

“Look,” he said, exasperated, “my Prince sent me out with this shoe. Come back with the lady it fits, he said. She is my true love, he said. And it fits you. So you must come with me.”

“I can’t come with you. I have never met your Prince. And I would never wear that glittery shoe.”

Ivana looked at the man in front of her. Rough and full of determination, the dainty shoe lost in his hand. Surprisingly, she found herself asking where this Prince was.

“Two counties over,” he answered, brightening. “Tis a simple ride to determine this.”

Ivana agreed to take the ride, asking questions about the man’s home and prince. He answered eagerly, extolling the beauty of the castle. He clearly held his Prince in high regard, relating funny stories about growing up with him. All too soon they arrived.

The Prince, a tall dark man, came running out to see them. His face fell when he saw Ivana. He was perfectly pleasant, but clearly was disappointed. A few moments more, he left them.

“I told you, more than one person can fit a shoe “Ivana said. “But, you never did tell me your name.”

“Arnold,” he said shyly, grasping her hand.



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