Walking Miss Daisy, II

Daisy and I went for a leisurely walk last Saturday.  The sky was such a clear, pure blue, with just a few fluffy clouds floating. Fall is coming early to our area, and it is quite beautiful. I put the pictures from our last walk on my other blog, Runnerwithablog, but I thought I would share these here.

 Shadow selfie–the best kind of picture of me! Daisy, of course, is always photogenic….if not happy to be still.


 Architectural Antiques are scattered through my neighborhood. And, indeed, the state.

Fall colors are coming slowly to our local bogs, lemony grasses and seed pods abound

  I have always loved these trees high up on cliff cut away in our local gravel pit. They stand so stark and proud.

 The light at the end of the hill!


My imagination runs wild in the woods, bringing up dreams of Narnia or Tolkien.

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