Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers rides again! Our photo prompt comes from Dale Rogerson this week as we all follow Rochelle on a mad romp through the fictional alleys of our minds. Make sure to check out all the other stories to see where they ended up here.

 100 words–on the nose this week!

“Hey, Vino Noble,” Nick said conversationally. “Mind if I have a glass?”

Without waiting, he snagged a glass and poured.

“Yes, my grandfather used to drink this. Came from the same part of the old country he did. Good man, my grandfather. Passed the family business down to me. Dad passed away young, guess Gramps pinned all his hopes on me.”

Sighing, Nick put down his glass. Picking up his gun, he tightened the silencer before pointing it across the table.

“It’s just business, you know,” he told the frightened  man. Nick took the bottle with him as he left.



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12 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Samantha,

    You didn’t say whether or not Nick pulled the trigger, although with the silencer, I’m assuming he did. Yikes. Just business. well done.




  2. A mafia hit over a pizza, nicely done

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  3. Great story. Loved the ending.

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  4. Loved Nick’s laidback attitude. But I expect he needs it in his job. Well told.

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  5. Dale

    Guess he’s been at this game for a long time to be so matter-of-fact about it!

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  6. Well done. I did get a touch confused as to who was speaking about the grandfather. I first thought it was the other man since Nick sighed as if sorry for his victim. But now, I think it was Nick speaking all along. It was the sigh which threw me off. I like it more that way, at least.


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