Tis Friday, and again we follow Priceless Joy’s lead with Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. She gives us the photo, and 150 (roughly) words to play with. And, as always, make sure you read all the other wonderful stories–including Joy’s–HERE


“Drugs,” Marianne said sagely. “Sure enough, it will be drugs.”

“Mmmph.” John said as he walked besides his fellow deputy. He was still in the room, remembering the sounds as she labored to breathe, horrid quick little gasps. And the paramedic’s helpless voice as she asked what to do with the brain matter on the sheet. Her face was the same, but deeply twisted in pain.

“Everyone knows her family went from ‘shine to meth. Some rival, probably,” Marianne continued. “I’m sure she deserved it.”

John thought of Daisy May,  a ray of sunshine, her amber hair floating as she toddled through town. He thought of how she loved everyone she met. She had worked hard to separate from her family “business.” When she earned enough to buy that old truck, everyone laughed. But she restored, painted and shined, then put her name on it.

“No one deserves that,” he said shortly.



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