Cliche Sunday

We started the week with lovely snow, then it got warmer and it rained. I just don’t like rain in the winter 😦 It was cold and icky.  Bright and sunny today, but no more snow.I live in Maine, I feel we should have snow in the winter.

I know, I will look up ‘H’ clichés to make myself feel better!

halcyon days: calm and peaceful times. I always think of them as bright and summery, filled with wonderful memories. But I would be wrong. The days of a Halcyon, a bird of Greek legend, actually are in December. The legend says that when a Halcyon builds a floating nest, she has the ability to calm the waters while sitting her nest.

In the cliffe of a ponde of occean, Alcion, a see foule, in winter maketh her neste and layegges in vii days and sittyth on brood…seuen dayes
-John Tevisa, 1398, translation of Bartholomew de Glanville’s De proprietatibus

heavens to Murgatroyd: an exclamation of surprise. I grew up with this one, which came from an American cartoon. Like thousands of other kids, the antics of Yogi and BooBoo in Yellowstone Park were often on my tv as reruns in the 70s. I loved that saying, which seemed so much more fun than “heavens to Betsy.” The phrase was actually said by Snagglepuss, who was also known for his exits “stage left.”

higgledy-piggledy: a good description of a chaotic mess. This particular nonsense phrase has been around for quite a while:

Snatchingly, higledi-pigledie, shiftingly.
    A Worlde of Wordes, 1598, John Florio      

There a lot of other nonsense terms, particularly those meaning chaos: mumbo-jumbo, helter-skelter, pell-mell, hurley-burley.  It is an unusual version in that it has three syllables.

I do have to say, I am not enjoying ‘H’ clichés. There a lot of them, I just don’t seem to care about them! Besides Snagglepuss, of course. So that’s it for this week and we will try again with ‘I’s next week 🙂












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2 responses to “Cliche Sunday

  1. I didn’t know any of these. the last one in particular is one I am definitely going to use from now on. I like nonsense phrases like that.

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  2. Lynn Love

    I love higgledy piggledy, hurley burley and all the other rhyming sayings you had at the end. They highlight just how much the human mind loves a rhyme – even if there’s no real reason for it 🙂


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