Finally, I made time to get on board with Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers again! I will try to do better in the following weeks. Once more we all follow Priceless Joy as she puts out a prompt with a wonderful story. Check all the other great stories from this prompt HERE. Thanks to Louise for the lovely photo this week.

 167 words


Ally raced up the hill, Chris pounding behind her. He stumbled, and Ally looked to make sure he kept to his feet. He did,  so she surged forward again,  air straining through her lungs.

Shouts followed them over the crest of the hill as they headed down towards the river.The skidoos better be there, she thought grimly, or this was all pointless.

Chris stopped, gasping as he gesticulated towards the water. Ally looked to see two little skidoo nestled against the shore. Grabbing Chris’s hand, she pulled him on. The shouts became louder as figures were outlined on the top of the hill.

Jumping on, she turned the key and held on as the little machine jumped out from under her. She swept out onto the water before realizing that Chris’s machine didn’t start.

Looking back, she saw him swarmed by the figures of their pursuers. Hesitating, she finally turned and raced across the river towards the brightly lit carnival.  Everyone at school would be so jealous.



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7 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Hahahaha! They are running away from school and to the carnival. Too bad that Chris didn’t make it. He’s going to be jealous too. LOL! Cute story, Samantha!


  2. Really good build up of tension and then the twist at the end. Really enjoyed this.

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  3. Lynn Love

    Ah, you trickster! Thought this was the build up to some awful showdown, a capture, torture, torn apart by nameless, faceless creatures … Not someone playing hooky! Nice build and the end made me smile 🙂


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