Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! Again I am following Priceless Joy’s lead as she puts forth a prompt and gives us 150 to 175 words to tell our story. Make sure you read her story, as well as all the other wonderful interpretations of the photo, HERE. Thanks to Barb CT for the photo this week 🙂


“Papa, tell us another,” Leah requested, burying her toes in the warm sand.

“Yes, Papa, another!”

Leon glanced around at the expectant faces surrounding him. Happy, healthy grandchildren, something he hadn’t been sure he would ever have.

The sound of the waves wash over him, taking him down with them. Men crammed into small spaces, deep under the sea. Cranky as time went on and they had no news of how the war was going. Rumors crept around the dark corners of the cramped sub. Fights broke out as dirty, sweaty sailors argued over which countries had been bombed….and who survived.

Leon gazed out at the ocean, brought back to present as a small hand touched his leg. Looking down, he met Leah’s concerned eyes. He knew he’d had these spells occasionally; he had not known any of the children  noticed. Engulfing her soft hand with his large, callused  one gently, he let the memories sink back  in his bones. A bristling spine of pier posts caught his eye.

“There was a whale,” he began.





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12 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Awesome Samantha! I loved how you wove this story and how the ending began with, “There was a whale,” as he told his beloved grandchildren stories. Loved this!


  2. This was nicely told. Endearing and engaging.

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  3. Oh, the magic of old memories of adventurous tales narrated in a secure blanket of reassuring love! Love this!


  4. Great take, I really liked the flashback and the happier present. Excellent.


  5. Wonderful take on the prompt. I liked the end line, though I hate that book lol. I like the cute image of the kids surrounding him and him telling a tale, despite the war occurring.


  6. That’s a great story, Samantha. Grandad telling his tales, while all that history bubble under his surface. Really a good story


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