Halloween Thoughts

Last fall I read Dracula for the first time.  I have never been much of a horror fan, although I do like a supernatural thriller. And, of course, reading a classic is much different from watching a slasher flick.  Dracula,a in book form, wandered off the path of the movies I had seen, but the general scenes were the same.

This year I chose Frankenstein. I don’t think I have ever watched a Frankenstein movie, except for Young Frankenstein–who doesn’t love Gene Wilder? But when I think of Frankenstein, I have images (from tv, movies and cartoon references) of a dank, dark castle, a madman shouting “it’s alive!!” while Igor cackles obscenely and a mob with pitchforks march on the castle from the local village.

In book form, this is not even close to the movies. Frankenstein’s monster was created in a boarding house, and he had no help or shouting mobs.  There was no lightning bolts or mad screams.

In the book, I have a lot more sympathy with the monster than with Frankenstein himself. I won’t tell you why, because I think everyone should read it for themselves 🙂

I would suggest, perhaps, a dictionary. Mary Shelley is definitely a product of her era, both verbose and descriptive. Her characters have a strong enjoyment in nature, which was a surprise and an enjoyment as I read. I definitely would suggest adding this classic to your reading list, as it is atmospheric but not gory or sensational.

Now the question is, what classic horror shall I read next fall?


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