Flash Fiction fun again! We are given a photo, 150 or so words and are let go to let our imaginations run wild. My thanks to Priceless Joy finding a prompt each week and to Yinlang for our photo this week.  Make sure to read all the other stories the imaginations came up with HERE.

“You go,” Alicia insisted, her fairy wings dipping uncertainly, her fingers scrunching her bag.

“No, Norman should go, he’s the boy,” Caryn argued.

“My mom says girls can do anything boys can,” Norman declared with irrefutable logic.

The three of them stared at the house. There were no Halloween decorations, only a light flickering over the porch. No decorations were needed, the house dark and forbidding.

“Fine,” Alicia said, “we’ll all go together.”

They crept up the steps, huddled together. Alicia reached out to press the doorbell, then they jumped back, hands held tightly.

They heard the creak of stairs, and one by one lights appeared in the house. Finally the door opened.

A broad, motherly face looked out, wreathed in smiles.

“Oh my!” she said. “I didn’t think I would get any trick-or-treaters!”

They heard a rustle, and a bright blue bowl appeared. “Last year they all went to the mall, you know,” she continued chattily. “But I keep a bowl, just in case.”

She fished some candy out and put some in each bag before smiling and closing the door.



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6 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Nice take. What a relief that it ended well! 🙂


  2. LOL! I remember going through the same feelings those children were feeling – the uncertainty and apprehension. Cute story!


  3. Nice story. Trick-or-Treating is soon upon us!


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