My Election Promise to You

I live in America, and right now you can’t turn on the tv, drive down the street, or walk by a crowd without hearing about the election. Not just the Presidential, but all the local ones too. Sign after sign line the roadway on the way home. Ads run on tv and the radio. I went on Facebook the other day and there were ads on there too! I don’t mind reading my friend’s opinions, but, really, ads?

I do, of course, have strong opinions on the Presidential race, and some of the smaller ones, and the bond questions. It would be easy to climb up on my soapbox and use my blog as a place to express them. But instead of forcing my opinions out into the world, to get lost among the millions of other opinions on the web, I promise to keep this a Politically Free Zone. Although I can’t promise what I might or might not say on November 9th……



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