Desperately Playing Scrabble

I must admit, I have never been good at Scrabble. One might think I would be, as much as I love words.  Maybe it’s because my family never played Scrabble? I have many wonderful memories of playing Canasta with my grandmother, but none of playing Scrabble. And, of course, my cousins and I endlessly played Monopoly.

I don’t do Words with Friends either. But I am addicted to Wordy (I often play it when I should be writing my blog). We found this particular game when I worked at a bank in a slow, little town; and we spent the winter wondering if anyone would come in that day. It’s rather like Tetris with letters, and I can play myself over and over.

But still I need help to figure how to win–or even get points–in Scrabble. Maybe I could join a Scrabble support group?


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