Ok, so I may have gone over the 150 (=/-25) word limit on this one 🙂  I have always loved a library and this picture (thank you, TJ Paris!) is just gorgeous. And I seem stuck on the Bard right now. So I topped out at 249 words. I hope that our leader, Priceless Joy, will forgive me. I am just happy to be joining the group again! Don’t forget to check out all the other stories inspired by the picture HERE.

Sadie walked into the library, clinging to Gramps hand. She had never seen such a large room. And, oh, the books. Just like Gramps had promised.

She traced the ornate ceiling panels, marveling at the intricacy. The opulent dark shelves, the scent of paper on the air, the high ceiling….she felt like she belonged here.

Gramps loosened his hand, and gave her a tiny push.

“Go, explore. I’ll be reading the paper in the sun down at the end,” he said.

Sadie wandered around, looking at the books. Nonfiction…politics….mysteries…science fiction… the sections were endless. She poked her head in the “Children’s Room,” soaking in the bright colors before deciding it wasn’t for her. She ran her finger lightly over the titles she passed until she felt a different material.

Instead of the plastic dust jacket of so many of library’s books, this one felt richer, with a raised whorled pattern across the spine. She pulled it out, gasping a bit at the weight, and set it on a nearby table. After gazing at the designs on the  burgundy cover, Sadie flipped it open.

“I’ll give thee fairies to attend on thee,”said Titania, queen of the Fairies.

“And they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep and sing, while thou on pressed flowers sleep.”

Sadie closed the book and carried it over to Gramps.

“This one?” he asked, putting down the paper.

When she nodded, he got up to take her hand again and lead her over to the librarian.



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8 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Awww sweet heaven to be in a library with so many books and wonderful sights and smells! How exciting to choose the “special” book to read. 🙂 You are forgiven for going over the word limit. It is allowed on occasion. Wonderful story!


  2. Ah, a library through the eyes of a child! One of the best things in life I think. Great story. Super sweet.


  3. Beautiful story and she picked a good one. Shakespeare is difficult for many to read but luckily I’m sure, Grandpa will help her through A Mid Summer’s Nights Dream. 🙂

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