Or did it happen like this?

Chloe looked out at the sand, already bored.

She could be in an air conditioned hotel room with WiFi right now, instead of this hot spot. Which was ironic, she thought, since it had no service. Chloe glanced around as her mom spread the towels-that big statue up there was probably blocking service. Why did they need a massive guy holding up a bridge to nowhere? She wouldn’t even be allowed to walk  on the road, Chloe bet. What a waste.

Chloe sat on her towel, staring balefully up at the stupid statue. Her mom pulled out the tourist guide, reading intently. Chloe was sure a lecture on the specialness of the beach and that bridge was imminent.

A bird floated overhead, landing on the statue’s nose. A sudden explosion rocked the statue, sending rock shards flying. Chloe stared at the huge boulder flying at her, too shocked to move. A huge hand swooped down, lifting her safely out of the way.

“My, I’ve had to sneeze for centuries,” a deep voice rumbled.

Chloe looked into the warm brown eyes of the statue, uh, living giant holding her in his palm.

“Um, bless you?”



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3 responses to “Or did it happen like this?

  1. Haha. Cute. A unique and well written idea to have the statue come to life because he had to sneeze. One wonders why he has had to hold this little bridge so long, if he saved me, I’d like to ask him 🙂

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  2. Very amusing and unexpected ending!


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