Immortality…or Eternity?

I have missed so many of my Friday dates with  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, that I decided to go back through the photo prompts and pick one. This on spoke to me nicely 🙂  FFfAW is a group following Priceless Joy in writing (hopefully) entertaining bites of 150 or so words. Check out the rest of the stories that were inspired by this pic HERE.  I topped out at 117 words this week.


Ed winced internally, wishing he could shift his shoulders.

Come, find adventure, they said. Immortality is what we offer, they said. Ed grunted. Immortality. Hah.

Straddling a huge cliff, shoulders in constant twitchiness from the bridge he bore. And bridge to where? What was his purpose? Certainly not saving the world. Most of the beach goers didn’t even look up at him anymore.

They used to come just to look at him, to weave stories about him. Now  they ignored him. Of all the marvels of the world, he was a footnote. Ed’s nose itched. He wished he could have one good sneeze. Or a bird could land on his nose, that would scratch it.

Miserable, eternal and unmoving, Ed stood above the humans playing and laughing on the beach.




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2 responses to “Immortality…or Eternity?

  1. Aw, poor Ed. He got the raw end of that deal. Immortality wasn’t worth it was it?


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