Friday Fictioneers….

…on a Tuesday? I realized I start the week strong, then get tired (from work and life) towards the end of the week and I miss my Friday Flash Fiction!! So I am starting early this week. Once again we are led by Rochelle into 100 (more or less) words based on this great picture.  And thanks to Roger Bultot, who provided our inspiration this week. Make sure to read all the other stories HERE.


“Ah, man, can you believe it?” Harvey asked.

“What?” Gerard asked, craning his neck.

“The people in 2b. They are using that ridiculous cleaner they see in the ads.”

“Bahhaa,” Gerard laughed. “think we should have a go at the windows?”

“Hmmmm,” Harvey shuffled his feathers, adjusting to the swing of the wire.

“Or we could all go, do a kinda Birds thing,” Linda threw in.

“Nah,” Harvey said,  “too much. Ger, you do a fly by. Just tip the glass.”

“HEY!” Nance yelled. “4F is putting out a new feeder on their porch!”

Everyone swung their attention to 4F.





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2 responses to “Friday Fictioneers….

  1. Ha. Cute I like your POV from the birds.


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