Cliche Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day!

I thought this edition of clichés should have something to do with Moms–even if it is a bit of a stretch!

First, all moms deserve to be this today:

primadonna: to be spoiled, and insisting on attention. This phrase comes from Italian opera, where it referred to the lead female singer. Of course they were quite pampered, creating women who might be vain and temperamental. Eventually, it came to mean anyone (male or female) who was egotistical and fussy.

of course, each mom deserves to:

paint the town red: to have a great time while going out and about. This unfortunate phrase comes from the “red light district,” where men went to have a good time. But now it just means to go out with friends and have a good time!

and then, I hope all moms get a chance to:

let their hair down: to relax after a long and perhaps stressful situation. In France when Napoleon was in charge; it was a faux pas to appear in public without an elaborate hairdo. This required hours of work and many hairpins. It was only after their appearance that they could relax and “let their hair down” when they got back home.

hopefully, all children are:

licked into shape: to be made presentable, or to be given good manners. The source of this particular phrase is family oriented: as mother and father bears need to like their newborns in to a bear “shape.” The origin is that bears have no shape when born, although I believe that really the mother and father are simply cleaning the new baby!

 thus the children will take good care of all the mothers out there today!


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