Time for Friday Fictioneers again, the  flash fiction party led by Rochelle. Our goal is to write short snippets of wonderful fiction based on a single image. To see how we did, check out all the other fabulous stories HERE. I never read any of the other stories before writing mine, so that I am not influenced. And yet this week I read Claire’s, and her idea of laundry did, as I feared, stick in my mind! But perhaps I would have thought of it anyway?

    102 words
(Mary Shipman)

Addy walked into the cool dark of the store, the  dinghy antiques reminding her of her grandmother. She had listened to so many old stories. Times when…yadda, yadda, yadda. Addy’s friends were exclaiming excitedly by the books.

She drifted towards the clothing. At least that was cool again now. Again she was reminded of her grandmother; the stories of hanging laundry, or getting ready for a party, the young beaus,  ringing in her ears. A petticoat caught her eye, the rumpled lace creamy and soft. She shook it out,  looking for a size. Inside was a name of the original owner: Adeline Bower.



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  1. Dear Samantha,

    So does this mean the petticoat belonged to her grandmother or is she a time traveler? Nice descriptions.




  2. I’m guessing that was her grandmother’s? Lovely idea – and thanks for the name-check!


  3. That’s pretty cool! To find an antique that has a story so close to home like that is tremendous. Neat! 🙂


  4. Cool story. I like how she shared her grandmother’s name!


  5. IfeomaO

    Interesting take on the prompt- I like the hinted at sci-fi angle if it’s there as Rochelle inquired.


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