Friday Fictioneers

Friday! Best day of the week, not only for the last day of work (for most of us!) but also for Friday Fictioneers. Once more we all gather to see what prompt is presented by our leader, the lovely Rochelle, and what it inspires us to write. Check out all the other stories HERE. And thank Rochelle herself for the photo credit today!

 100 words even this week 🙂

Julia sat, smiling, as the bay streamed by. A colorful parade of sailboats danced upon it, sailors laughing and shouting.

Spring!Finally! she thought, dabbling her toes in the still frigid water.

The rock she sat on was damp, but Julia didn’t care. After spending the winter inside, watching vicious snow storms blot out the sun and cruel winds whipping trees, Julia would have stood in the bay itself to have the bright sunshine on her. She inhaled deeply, looking for the slight, green sprouts scenting the air.

Da would have to be mowing the grass soon enough, she thought giddily.





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13 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ha the scent of new mown grass. Thanks for the memory


  2. Wonderful… we had the first sips of spring this week, and even if it went back to cold today… I’m hooked for spring now… I think I heliotrope.


  3. That makes spring sound wonderful. Mo more snow!!


  4. Lovely – feeling very Spring like 🙂


  5. This is great, I can almost feel the cold water, smell the fresh air, and feel the sunshine. There’s a feeling of freedom in your story.


  6. Such hope in this story. Love it. We’ve been hearing thrushes for a month here in the Pacific Northwest. True harbingers of spring.

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  7. Ah Spring! I can’t wait, we had flurries here on the first day of spring.


  8. Dear Samantha,

    Spring! It’s finally here. Nicely done.




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