Friday Fictioneers

Once again I join (belatedly) the Friday Fictioneers, led by, as always, the marvelous Rochelle. Remember to check out the rest of the stories HERE. Our photo prompt this week is from Al Forbes.

102 words       

“Hey!” Greg called out. “Look at that!”

Cheryl turned to see. The buggy sailed along the road, moving smoothly between the other cars.

She put down her book, one she had grabbed from her aunt’s library.

“Wow, you don’t see that everyday. What’s that from, the ’60s?” she asked. It reminded her of the vehicle the characters in her book, The Hardy Boys, drove.  She liked the book, it seemed so innocent as the boys searched for the villain.

The buggy drew close, allowing her to see the occupants: two boys, 18ish, with sandy hair blowing in the wind and wide smiles.


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