Finally! I am back writing for our Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! While I have managed the Friday Fictioneers for the last two weeks, I have been unable to swing both prompts. Having missed being part of Priceless Joy’s group, this week I started with her prompt! As always, don’t forget to read all the other marvelous stories inspired by the photo prompt! And thanks to Priceless Joy for leading our group and finding all the wonderful photos for us to write about.

“Oh, my, look at this!”

I turned to see Angie disappear under the hood. I sighed, knowing I wasn’t getting her out of there anytime soon. We always joked that she had oil running through her veins.

After the fire, she spent most of her teen years with Gramps. He didn’t understand young girls, periods or school dances, but he understood cars. And he passed that on to Angie. Along with his honesty and his “retro” set of values.

I wish I had been so lucky.

“Gramm umm diss,” came from the engine.

“What? Angie? Pull your head out of there!”

“Gramps would have loved this. The engine is in terrific shape,” Angie repeated, showing me a face with grease already smeared on it.

I looked at the rusty blue metal, the dusty windshield, the cracked tires and agreed.Gramp would’ve loved it. I turned to the owner.

“How much?”


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6 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Ahhh, this is wonderful! I can just picture her with grease all over her hands and face. So sweet at the end! He is going to buy the ol’ car for her. Love it!!


  2. And thus Gramps gave Angie some useful skills. Lovely take on the prompt 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sweet story. She was Gramp’s girl 🙂


  4. Awww, such a heart warming story


  5. I can picture this scene so well! Angie evidently learnt a lot from Gramps. She seems to know exactly what she’s doing beneath that hood.


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