Friday Fictioneers

Another Friday Fictioneers roundup! Make sure you read all the other stories inspired by this wonderful picture. I may have used 3 words to many, but as I had 4 extra last week, does that even out? 😉 As Always, thanks to Rochelle for gathering us for our flash fiction bonanza.


“Did you get it?”

“What would you say if I didn’t?”

“Tell me!” she pouted.

“I wasn’t the only person at the auction, you know. I might have been outbid. Will you still love me?”

“Always, baby. Now, tell me, tell me!”

He whipped the precious gift from behind his back, then struck a sommelier pose.

“Does this please the lady?”

“Oh my, yes,” she purred.  She trailed a gloved finger down the bottle, distracting him from seeing the gun in the other hand.

“But, why?” he gasped.

“Chateau de Sable. It’s my heritage, and I am not inclined to share, ma cherie.”







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3 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Samantha,

    I guess the lady wasn’t pleased.




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