Friday FIctioneers

Friday has reappeared already! So here we go following Rochelle once more 🙂 Our goal being a 100 word story and, amazingly, I had three to spare! Please check out all the other stories HERE.  And thanks to Rochelle’s own husband for our photo prompt.

Tinny music filled the room as the blood crept across the polished wood.  A room away, a world away, the high-born swirled and gossiped. The earl would never dance or gossip in the brightly lit ballroom again. No more toasts,  no more drunken revelry.

And no more luring the maids into the library either, Annie thought in satisfaction. Cleaning the bronze precisely, she replaced it on the mantle before folding the towel decisively, closing the door gently behind her and walking down the hallway to the kitchen calmly.

No one would ever suspect the ancient cook.




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11 responses to “Friday FIctioneers

  1. Sam,
    I didn’t know of your amazing way with words too. Great post !


  2. Great mystery story! Loved how it ended!


  3. The perfect murder. Great mystery.


  4. Dear Samantha,

    The secret’s in the sauce. 😉



    Liked by 1 person

  5. How sensible of her not to use poison!


  6. A bit of jealousy on the cook’s part?


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