The New Year Cometh

Every year I hear the classic Lennon Christmas song:

So this is Christmas and what have you done,
Another year over, a new one just begun.

And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun,
The near and the dear ones, the old and the young.

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fears.

And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong,
The rich and the poor ones, the road is so long.

And so happy Christmas for black and for white
For the yellow and red ones let’s stop all the fights.

This song has always resonated for me, and this is probably the first year I have  a really good answer for it. What have I done?

2015, for me, was a year of learning. I took a course and became a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant. Sounds impressive, huh? It’s pretty much the bottom of the medical ladder, but it did help me get my job at the hospital. Moreover, I really enjoyed going back to school and learning new things.
I also took a bunch of courses through a website called Coursera, which has free courses on a variety of subjects. I took my first course, Learning How to Learn, to help me do better in my future courses. I loved that one, and it really charged me up to take other courses.   Once I decide what direction I want to go in, I would love to learn more. I have been a bit busy at work since I started, but I also want to go back to Coursera and see what else I can take. It’s not college credit, but it is fun to learn new things.

I got a new job in 2015–two, in fact! I was really tired of “selling”  things to people, particularly as I worked at a financial institution. I wanted to help people instead, which is what made me aim for the medical profession. Now I work in a lab and register people for their bloodwork, as well as doing some running around the hospital for the Mobile Unit gathering signatures. That doesn’t sound much like I am helping; but I think my positive attitude and my understanding that patients are cranky because they might be scared, or hungry (alot of fasting tests going on), does help. I give most everyone a pass on their mood and just try to be friendly and efficient to make their time in the hospital less painful.
And my other job is retail, and I love it. I really do like interaction with other people on a daily basis. I like that instead of trying to just sell stuff, we make it a guest experience. We help them find what they want,  why they want it so we can suggest other items if we don’t have it , or where to get it if we can’t fulfill their need. It is customer-centric, instead of the sell, sell, and, oh yeah, sell some more attitude that so many stores have. The idea being, of course, that we want the customer to come back and buy again, but it makes for a much nicer atmosphere to work  in.

And so many little things this year: a new pony, who I love–and my mare does too, mostly.  She still has her days when she feels it necessary to point out to him that she is definitely in charge.  My consistent exercise plan and my obstacle course race, that was awesome. My husband got a new job, which has had a postive influence on both our lives.
Not to mention my blogs. My Running blog and my Writing blog have been a real challenge for me and I look back at my first year with pride. I didn’t quite accomplish all that I wanted to, as life has the annoying tendency to interfere. The blogging community I found is so marvelous and supportive.  I can’t wait to move forward in 2016.
I have big plans for both my blogs.  Check in tomorrow at my Runnerwithablog to see where I plan on going!



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3 responses to “The New Year Cometh

  1. Sounds like you had a great year. I hope 2016 is just as successful for you 🙂


  2. Congratulations on a great year and getting 2 new jobs plus going to school! I hope you have an even more wonderful year, 2016.


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