Cliche Sunday

is once more interrupted by life, but will be back in full force next Sunday.
Any suggestions as to what subject I should explore next week?



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4 responses to “Cliche Sunday

  1. Foot wear for various sport activities ?


  2. Did you ever do a naval post? There seem to be a lot of British sayings connected to the Navy (not enough room to swing a cat, freeze the balls off a brass monkey etc). Apologies if you explored this and I missed it.
    Sport is a good one, as is Shakespeare, though you’ve probably ‘done’ him too. Sorry if I’m not being very helpful and hope you enjoyed your holidays:)


    • I am enjoying the holidays!! So tired tho.I have done naval, but there may be more out there. And I love doing Shakespeare, he is endless and I always learn something new. But maybe sports. I have only done football there. Hope your holidays went well too 🙂

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      • Glad you’re having a good holiday, Samantha. Nice here – quiet and with a little stress at times, but all in all, lovely. I’ll look forward to reading more Sunday Cliches!


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