‘Tis almost here! And I have been eagerly watching every classic Christmas movie I can. I realize the word “classic” is subjective, and the favorite movies I watch may not be what everyone else wants to see. 

So a movie quiz for you–how many can you name??

one of the more famous classics, but I really only watched it twice before I was done with it:

watch out for those squirrels (which is what my boy Bruce is always telling me–sneaky little devils):

every Thanksgiving night, every year we watch this one:

one of my very favorist movies of all:

 and  definitely in my top ten list:

love the sibling rivalry here–and the songs: 

the  early animation movies are both fantastic and sweet: 


the dancing and singing of the classics can’t be beat: 

and of course, there is no topping the message of  this classic:

except, perhaps, for  this one: 


one of my husband’s favs:

a new take on the classic Santa story:

fabulous graphics–but rather scary elves:

and would you believe I have never seen this one?

Alrighty, so let me know: what was your score? And bonus points if you know this one: 







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7 responses to “Christmas!

  1. I think I was able to recognize a little over half of them! I have been enjoying some of the Christmas classics too. One that I would really like to see but they haven’t shown that this year (that I have found).


  2. Thank you! If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!


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