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I have been contemplating the notion of peace recently.  As I celebrate Christmas, tis the season, as they say. Listening to the holiday songs and watching my favorite movies, the idea of peace and goodwill towards all men does crop up often.  I like the idea of Peace, of course. But I am concerned about possibility of Peace.

Right now as turmoil roils around the world, Peace is a lovely thought. Russia is acting aggressively towards its smaller neighbors with the idea of annexing them again. The Middle East is, unfortunately, as unstable as ever.  France has been rocked by the horror of terrorism, as well as my own country last week. Why can’t we live in Peace?

Untold books have been written on this subject, of course. Many of which I have read, although not the tome War and Peace (even though I should, the book has never actually appealed to me). But from Lord of the Flies to the nearly every Utopian story, Peace never seems possible.


1.having the power or quality of deciding; putting an end to controversy; crucial or most important
2.characterized by or displaying no or little hesitation; resolute; determined
3.indisputable; definite
4.unsurpassable; commanding
I believe that it is the very human-ness of us that prevents Peace.  We are a decisive species. But our decisions, commanding or resolute though they may be, are never the same! Each person sees a situation and comes up with a different solution. And being certain that they are correct, many people are not willing to bend on their particular solution.
Thus, Fanatics. I don’t believe it much matters if one is a fanatic politically, fashionably or religiously (although fashionable fanatics probably do the least amount of damage. Except for 5″ heels. Those are painful). Fanatics will never change their mind, and will often do awful things to impress their views on the rest of the world.  Its rather like an inanimate object, you can talk all you want and not make a dent in their beliefs.
 The fact is that most humans thrive on strife. As one of my favorite movies, Constantine, points out, it is in the midst of horrible tragedy that we humans do our best and kindest work.  And that love of strife, love of power, love of money is going to make it very difficult for us to actually achieve Peace. The conquerors will always want to conquer, not live peaceably next to a nation that only wants to be itself.
Does this mean I think we should give up? NO! I just think that our own nature is one of the most difficult things for us to overcome.  And we need to want to overcome our need to be right, and the need to be in control of ourselves and other. So I will spend this season simply hoping that people will come to want Peace more than they want power.
As an afterthought, I want to point out that passionate is not the same as fanatical, and passionate people are the ones who make the changes. I may not agree with their particular passion, but that is ok! I am trying to give my need to be right all the time too 🙂

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