As Promised:

a Two minute Free Write on Why I think I want to write…

ok, so what did i get myself into? I don’t know that 2 minutes is long enough. I write cuz I keep having these ideas; not sure that they are GOOD ideas, but I want to get them out there anyway. Do I want to be famous? Not really, I don’t like the attendant noise that comes with it. Would like to write but have no one know who I am, is that possible these days?  huh. Those ideas always seem to flow except for now that I am trying to explain myself. argh. I do love the flow and play of words, it makes me so happy when it turns out just “write” and I get so frustrated when it…..ALARM!!

Whew. Sadly, no one took me up on my challenge. Maybe I should challenge a few others? And, it is as I wrote it except for the punctuation and capitalization. I really don’t capitalize unless forced to!


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