Thankfulness is….

1.feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.* 

I always like to pause and think about why I am thankful at Thanksgiving. It goes by so fast,  a blur of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. After the dinner prayer, there is no time to think.

I am thankful for all the normal things: family, friends, health, job. I am thankful I have been able to see my niece and nephews grow up to be such wonderful people. I am thankful that I have a marvelous husband. I am happy thatI have been able to watch HOME ALONe with my husband on Thanksgiving night for the last twenty years! I am so grateful that we have a house to live in and jobs to go to everyday–and that we both love our jobs.  

So many people don’t have family. Or jobs. Or even a decent roof over their heads.  I hope that all of us that do have these things are truly thankful and aware of our blessings. Little fights or big presents are not what we should be focusing on, as easy as it is to get sidetracked. 




I hope everyone is enjoying the day with family and loved ones and not thinking about shopping on Black Friday!




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2 responses to “Thankfulness is….

  1. It’s nice to take time to reflect on what we have to be thankful for! Nice post!


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