Sunday Cliche….

……is interrupted once more. I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family today and I am quickly heading for a turkey induced coma. We have always done Thanksgiving at my brother’s the Sunday before as his in-laws live seven hours north. They used to pack up the kids and drive up there on Wednesday, so we just naturally fell into this habit.  My brother and his family don’t actually go North anymore, but we have continued the tradition. So I will leave you all with this early wish ….





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3 responses to “Sunday Cliche….

  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Not something we do here, of course – though we have picked up on Black Friday, which is definitely a day I will NOT be out shopping 🙂


    • me either….oh wait, I will be working in a retail establishment…I remember the good ole days when no one knew what BF meant unless one worked in retail.

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      • Yes, I’ll be working in a shop on Friday too – fortunately not one involved in the madness. Our supermarket chain Asda (owned by Walmart) aren’t taking part this year, after there were several instances of assault in their stores last year – people fighting over cheap TVs. Merry Christmas one and all


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