Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers once more! Following Priceless Joy, we write a piece based on our wonderful prompt (provided this week by Sonya 🙂 ) using 1oo to 150 words. And I cheated, because I hit 190 this week! Check out all the other stories HERE.

“No, no, NO! It is all wrong!”

Murray sighed. It was going to be one of those days. He went out to the sales floor to see what was wrong this time.

Harve threw up his hands after he thrust  the cluster of white feathers at his assistant. “What is this you give me, Murray? I cannot create like this.”

Murray followed him as he stalked to back room. “Junk, Murray, junk!”

“Those are prime feathers, Har, and you know it. What’s going on?”

“Dude, I can’t  do this anymore.” Harve dropped the accent as he paced. “Feathers! Lace! These hats are driving me nuts. Why on earth do these women want to stick this stuff on their heads?”

“Look, Harry, I don’t know either. But you are good at this.  We were up thirty percent last month. The more outrageous you make them, the more they love you.”

Harry put his head in his hands and groaned. “It’s all so pointless!”

“Of course it is. Now go put a swirl of lace on a piece of leather with some damn feathers! We got bills to pay, man,” Murray exclaimed.

Harry glared at him but went back out to the sales floor, adding his swagger as he went through the door.






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7 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Hahaha! I love that little “swagger” at the end. 😀 Great story! If hat’s pay the bills then by all means, make them! LOL!!


  2. The life a creative milliner is never dull. Fun story.


  3. Great take! Loved the swagger of the ‘peacock’!

    Liked by 1 person

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