Friday Fictioneers

Another Friday Fictioneer: 100 words (more or less) by dozens of writers around the world led by Rochelle. Our wonderful prompt is from Connie Gayer this week. Make sure to check out all the other stories HERE!

 Margo carefully swept the dirt aside. Everyone else had left the site, convinced that there was nothing here.  Margo knew differently, she knew something was here. She felt it. When she found it, it would be her laughing at them.

Her dainty brush hit a solid object. Margo followed the curve, expecting pottery. But it glinted white, and bigger.

Twenty minutes later she had exposed an entire rib cage. Margo stared. She had no idea what kind of animal it was. But she felt exhilaration fill her, she’d been right!

Seconds later, the claws closed around her ankle.


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15 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dale

    Oh dear! I guess the claws didn’t need exposing!


  2. Uh OH! Careful what you wish for!! 🙂
    Great take on the prompt Samantha!


  3. Oh my gosh, creepy good! 🙂


  4. Aha! Great. Didn’t see that coming at all 🙂


  5. Dear Samantha,

    Not what an archaeologist wants to dig up. Good one.




  6. I think that’s what you call a ‘Carrie’ moment! Very spooky!


  7. Yeek, scary monster, I didn’t expect this, poor Margo. I love the take on the prompt.


  8. Not what she was expecting to find I think. Good story.


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