Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Once more I follow Priceless Joy’s foray in flash fiction. Thanks to Sonya over at Only 100 Words for our wonderful photo this week. Check out all the other stories HERE!

Angels Among Us

 The angel soared against the sky, offering grace to all that came to her. For a hundred years she had stood stalwartly in the neighborhood, and many a prayer had been laid at her feet.

Now the developers wanted to pull down the church. The angel would be moved, to a museum they were told. How would they pray in a museum?

The neighborhood pulled together, ringing the church in protest as they continued to pray that the angel would be saved for them. On the last day, when the demolition was to have started, many people in business attire arrived at the church.

Slowly, the news spread that these were the new owners of the church and they were not going to tear it down spread through the crowd surrounding the church and angel. They had to bought it to preserve it as a historical site. The prayers of the neighborhood had been answered!



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3 responses to “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

  1. Wonderful story with a happy ending! I’m glad they decided not to move the angel statue! Best possible outcome. 🙂


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