Quasimodos and Casanovas

An excellent response to my Cliche Challenge!

Word Shamble

‘Follow your heart’, they say.

What if your heart can’t be trusted? Mine lied about the girl next door and her flirtatious glances ‒the way she materialised in an outfit at once low and high cut each time I went to fetch the milk. Turns out she was looking for my flatmate. Eventually she found him – I heard the proof of that through the stud partition wall.

My heart lied about the woman at the office who was always in the kitchen when I went to make tea. She’d lean on the counter smiling, fingernails beating a polished red tattoo as the kettle boiled. She just took long tea breaks – they gave her the sack but not before she’d emptied the stationery cupboard and stolen my favourite mug.

One day I made the decision.

I took a knife – fresh from its vacuum pack, blade still flecked with…

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One response to “Quasimodos and Casanovas

  1. Thanks for sharing it, Samantha. It was great fun to do 🙂


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