All’s Fair in Love and War

Once more excellent response to my Cliche Challenge!

Jennifer Terry

She had his phone.  He didn’t know.  Of course, he knew he didn’t have it. Just not who had it.  She’d had it all day.  She sat dumbfounded that morning, watching the texts roll in rapid fire.

Where are you?

I’m still at the hotel.

Don’t do this to me.

I love you.

Is that you at the door?

Then nothing.

She loved him.  She really did.  That was the hardest part.  But there would be time for tears later.  She would go away somewhere, maybe with her mom or one of her closest friends, they would drink wine and cry and curse his name.  But now, now was the time for war.

“They’re ready for you, miss,” said the smartly dressed receptionist.

She entered the conference room, where his lawyer and hers were waiting.  His and hers attorneys – isn’t that how all great love stories begin and end?

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One response to “All’s Fair in Love and War

  1. Great story. Well written with a really strong ending


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