Cliche Sunday

As I prepare to watch one my favorite actors in a relatively new action flick I haven’t yet seen, I had an idea.  Instead of finding clichés online or in my book today, I would pick out all the clichés in the movie. Don’t get me wrong. I throughly  expect to enjoy this movie. (I am already enjoying the fact that there is a puppy named Daisy in it that my Daisy is watching quite closely) But there are certain tropes that do seem to be in every action movie to facilitate the plot. Of course, I haven’t any history on these. I won’t be able to tell you where they first appeared.They have just been around long enough that I–and most likely you–have seen them in dozens of movies.

rain on the day of a funeral 

ex-assassin/bad guy loses woman who made him leave the world of crime

mobster’s son (self-important prick who has no idea of hard  “work” his father has done to build empire) makes enemy of bad guy

mob boss tries pre-emptively to kill bad guy to save son

assassins wear three-piece suits and have excellent taste in decor

bad guys only come at our hero one at a time and have terrible aim while shooting at the hero

badder retired assassin comes out of retirement to kill assassin for mob son

slimy mob boss gives up son to save own life

the evil bad guy and our hero throw down the guns to have a one on one fight to the death at the end

I am happy to say that this film, while using  these plot clichés, had subtle witty dialog and excellent actors. Sweet muscle cars too. The stylized outfits and settings were marvelous also, bringing to mind Burton’s Gotham. And the fight scenes, an integral part of an action flick, were beautifully orchestrated. Many of them were quite unique, which offset the cliché of the plot nicely. And the car didn’t explode when it went over the cliff, so there was at least one cliché they avoided.



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8 responses to “Cliche Sunday

  1. Ha, love this and loving your sideways looks at cliches. What film was it?


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