Friday Fictioneers

Finally, I made to the Friday Fictioneers again! A bit late, I know, but I  have missed the prompts from our fearless leader, Rochelle. Our rainy prompt this week was taken by her as well. Check out all the other stories here.

“Only one hundred words?”


“But why?”

“Dunno, but she said if you want top of the screen, keep it short.”

Calvin looked out at the pools of light scattered among the cars.  She knew what the darkness hid, what she would find when she went down to join the hive of police, EMTs and press.  How could she describe that in one hundred words?

She knew what the editor wanted, one lurid headline and a short, pithy description. Calvin didn’t want to do it, simplifying that loss of life.

“C’mon, Vin, you only have two words left.”

“I’m coming.”







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10 responses to “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Ha ha, very creative take. I like it especially the last two words.


  2. That is an unique take. Very well done.


  3. Dear Samantha,

    Oh, that last line. You do what you have to do when there’s a word limit. 😉




  4. Ooh, you clever thing. Well done. Like that very much


  5. That first line made me smile, the last brought a grin. Everything in between was spot on.


  6. Dale

    That was fun indeed!


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