If you read my other blog, you might have heard me talking (whining) about trying to fit all my activities into the day now that I am employed. In a few weeks this may not be such an issue, since I will be doing 20 hours at the hospital, and only a few days at my retail job. But right now, Time is all that is on my mind.

A large part of the problem is my fatigue. One portion of that is, I am sure, going straight to 40 hours after being able to nap whenever I wanted. The other portion is that work is BUSY!

I am registering patients for lab work, and we are the central hub in the area for everyone to get it done at. The hours fly by, which I love. I hate not being busy.

But then I come home and the idea of writing a post…..well, not the top of my list. Especially since I first have to feed the horses, clean the dishes, feed the hubby. After dinner I sit in front of the tv and wonder what I should write about.

I would love to get ahead and have my posts pre-written for the week, but then I run around all weekend doing errands like the rest of the world. So here is my question–what do you do to make time for your writing? I would love to hear any and all suggestions!




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5 responses to “Time!

  1. You have a lot on at the moment – no wonder you’re shattered!
    I’ve always thought I should get a smartphone so that I can reply to comments/draft emails whilst waiting for buses or during the rare breaks I get at work (no good if you drive to work or don’t get breaks, though). When husband was working early shifts and I was studying for my degree, I used to pack him off to bed early and spend the hours between nine and eleven writing essays, though I’m not sure I could do it now.
    Not watching TV is another option I keep telling myself I should take to free up writing time, but you have to spend some time relaxing and sharing with your family.
    Maybe a 30 hour day is the answer 🙂


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