Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! Our weekly following of Priceless Joy and her wonderful photo prompts. The idea is to write 150 to 175 words with whatever whimsy we think of. I have been horrible the last couple weeks, I just can’t seem to get it under 200 words. Shall I blame PJ for her fabulous prompts ? 😉 Of course not! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the more law-abiding stories HERE!

Sara sighed. She didn’t know why they had these lame school trips. Who wanted to go to a museum to see  dusty old paintings?

The bus stopped and kids piled off, teachers herding and crying for them to hold hands, stay with your buddy!

Sara soaked up the silence for a brief moment, than pulled the bus around to the lot. Four hours.  She decided she might as well check out the museum. She hadn’t been to one since her own school trips.

She had vague memories of huge hallways, echoing with the shuffling of children as the teachers tried to keep them organized. Jeb, the school jester, sneaking off to get in trouble. Sara had followed him into that trouble more than once.

She sank onto a bench.  The picture in front of her was an abstract. It it looked like rain washing down the canvas, she thought.Or tears. The vivid blue reminded her of Jeb’s eyes.

Somehow Jeb had landed in the army. Not much news of him after he went overseas. But her mom said he wasn’t the same since he came home.

Perhaps she should go home this weekend, Sara mused. Maybe he needed a friend to remember the good times with.




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16 responses to “FFfAW

  1. Great story! I like how the painting reminds her of rain and the blue brought her thoughts to her long lost friend. A very nice nostalgic and thoughtful story that endures the reader to her character. Excellent! (I won’t say anything about the length. LOL) Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge.


  2. A great story – no matter what length! A nice, realistic little snapshot into someone’s life and it gives you hope- hope that friendships can be rebuilt, a friend can be helped. And all from a museum and a rainy painting. Enjoyed this very much


  3. As someone who loves going to museums, I really like the idea that even though she was initially dismissive, she went in and saw something she connected with. But it’s so sad to be reminded that some people’s only experience is on those awful school trips, and they never go back. Like those studies that show how few people *ever* read a book after leaving high school. ((shiver))

    I know what you mean about how hard it is to keep it under the word count, too. Sometimes it takes me as long to pare down the words to the limit as it did to write the first draft initially! (Although in my case I think it’s a really useful exercise in learning what’s really vital and what’s not, since I’m normally so wordy. Um, as you can tell by this comment, lol!)


  4. Noticed a typo – should be *then* pulled the bus. (Just delete this comment after you see it.)


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