Flash Fiction for (all) Aspiring Writers! Our weekly photo prompt brought to us by Priceless Joy. Please check out all the other stories HERE! Thanks to Louise at the Storyteller’s Abode for the wonderful picture.

The train chugged into the station every day, and each day Anny watched as it chugged back out. How sad, she thought, to be the seller of tickets to mysterious destinations like New York and Chicago and know she would never leave this town.  Some day she would be a spinster with too many cats and children making fun of her. Depressed, she shut the window, and gathered her coat and purse.

When she exited the station, steam was rising from the train’s chimney. As the wheels slowly gathered speed, Anny saw a figure dart towards the train. It jumped on, and climbed up the car to the roof.

Anny had heard of the hobos riding the tracks, freely roaming from town to town, but she had never seen one. The figure waved cheerily as the train rolled by.

Thoughtfully, Anny walked home. She looked around her small room at the boarding house and nodded decisively to herself. The next day she walked to work with a heavier purse. As the last train started pushing out steam, she grabbed her bag, waiting until the caboose came near before running towards its platform.



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8 responses to “FFfAW

  1. That is a great story of seeking freedom


  2. Great ending! She finally pursued her dreams. I loved the line that said, “Some day she would be a spinster with too many cats and children making fun of her…” Excellent story! Thank you for participating in the Flash Fiction for Aspring Writers Challenge!

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  3. A great story and hurray Anny! It’s a brave act to leave behind all that’s familiar and throw yourself into the unknown. I wonder what became of her?


  4. Love it! Great to see Anny has decided against turning into a cat lady 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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